Wish if you could get rid of the wiper scratches; on your front windshield or rear hatch glass if you have a rear wiper, which not only diminishes the beauty of your car but also distorts the vision while driving?

The common reasons for windscreen scratches are arcs caused by damaged wiper blades, dusty cloth wiping and flinging mud while driving. Car windshield polishing is important to improve visibility.

If your car windshield glass has been scratched, we can offer quick, affordable and efficient service to get your windshield repaired. Visit Zebro Auto Care to get your car windshield glass repaired with our Car Windshield Polishing Service.

Our Car Windshield Polishing and Rectification Service can remove:

  • Scratches (Soft / Mild)
  • Superficial Etching caused mainly due to dust particle or damaged wiper blades.
  • Mineral Deposits.
  • Stains caused due to Cement, Emulsion Paint Deposits.
  • Stains caused due to Bird Dropping Deposits.

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