Car Painting Mumbai

Body & Paint

1. Always park your car under a covered parking.
2. Don’t bang the doors; just shut them gently.
3. Ensure that your wash your car regularly.
4. Don’t neglect small scratches or dents.

Car Polishing Services

Windshield & Glasses

1. Regular polishing and upkeep of windshield and glasses.
2. Regular cleaning & wiping with a soft dustfree cloth.
3. Don’t delay minor damages like chips and scratches.
4. Timely replacement of wipers and winders.

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Headlights & Taillights

1. Do necessary repairs and replacement before monsoon.
2. Be careful about walls and pillars while parking.
3. Timely polishing and maintenance of lights.
4. Avoid parking in direct sunlight.

Car Detailing Mumbai

Car Detailing Mumbai

Bonnet & Boot

1. Keep the tool set in a cover or bag to avoid rattling noise.
2. Wash and clean the bonnet from inside as well.
3. Clear the unnecessary stuff from boot space.
4. Don’t slam the bonnet, just lock it gently.

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Upholstery & Fabric

1. Be careful while handling sharp, edgy objects and pets.
2. Immediately mend the minor cuts and fabric damages.
3. Regular clean & vacuum the upholstery & fabric.

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Plastic & Rubber

1. Use special rubber and plastic cleaners for better results.
2. Regular clean and polish plastic and rubber materials.
3. Avoid keeping sharp objects on dashboard.
4. Avoid parking in direct sunlight.

Wheel Alloy Services

Wheel Alloys & Tyres

1. Do rotate the tyres to maintain an equal wear and tear.
2. Regular maintenance and upkeep of wheel alloys.
3. Don’t embark for long trips with worn out tyres.
4. Don’t ignore wheel alignment and balancing.