Your car is your reliable friend, roaring, humming or spluttering to life every day and taking you from place to place. However, did you know it could also be a friend to rodents? These creatures might take shelter under the hood of your engine, especially during the chilly winter and spring days. Car engines are usually warm, dry and undisturbed, providing an ideal shelter for feeding, resting or breeding rodents. And once in there, the rodents can cause considerable damage to the car, a damage that could end up costing you a significant amount of money. So you certainly don’t want these pesky creatures in the driving seat. For this purpose anti-rodent treatment is important.

Rats and mice find their way in under the car hood or through the air duct and leave a urine trail to find their way home when they leave.

Engine wires are particularly vulnerable to rodent damage. If rodents chew away the insulation covering the wires, this can cause short circuits, resulting in expensive damage to the engine.

Zebro Auto Care has a product to overcome these little monsters. This product is environmentally friendly and totally safe for Humans. This affects the sensory organs of the rodents, hence cannot smell back their own urine route that is marked for their return.

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