Various types of pest can find their way into your car. Hot weather can drive cockroaches and spider into your car to escape from heat. A single flea / tick from a pet like dog / cat can hop off into your car and lay hundreds of eggs in a short period of time. Other pest like cockroach, ants can get attracted to your car if have any spilled food particles or a sweet sugar smelling car deodorizer in it. Bedbugs and body lice can ride on people and hide in your car’s carpet or seat cushions.

When you are looking for a carpest control service, look no further than Zebro Autocare carpest control for an in-depth cleaning and pest management of the car. We will get rid of cockroaches all other types of cockroach pests permanently and removes the infestation the safest as well as impactful way.

We use the best in class chemicals for getting rid of cockroaches especially. We make sure these are used in the recommended dosages because your family’s health and safety is our concern. Our technicians are verified, highly skilled and very well trained because we know how important and beloved your car is to you.

  • Pest such as ants and cockroaches are attracted to the food droppings in the car.
  •  Car Pest Control is a complete disinfection treatment of the car.
  • This leads into them multiplying as well as breeding of other organisms.
  • At Zebro Auto care we do extensive Carpet Cleaning and Vacuuming.
  • It eliminates all the pathogenic micro-organisms and fungus as well as bad odour.
  • Car Pest Control also keeps away insects and bugs completely and stops them to multiply.

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