Our car air conditioner cools the air inside the car; hence there is no scope of fresh air coming inside. As a result whatever activity happens inside the car remains there. What one person exhales, the other inhales. Although air-conditioners have the tendency to clean various allergens present in air, and dust that we breathe.

The filter mesh installed inside the inlet vents reduces the dust from entering the blower and damaging them. The dust contains a large volume of invisible tiny particles that the AC’s filter can’t trap and it goes inside the blower and starts accumulating there. Over a period of time, the filter mesh also gets dirty and starts throwing back small dust particles while the AC is on. So in a nutshell, if an air conditioner can give comfort, it can make you sick also.

Common symptoms of sickness are a nasal blockage, itchy nose, wheezing, dry cough, headache etc.

To avoid these sickening conditions we recommend a timely air conditioner purification treatment which saves you and your family and co-travelers from bad odor, fungal and bacterial infection etc.

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