Car exterior enrichment involves thorough car cleaning, car body polishing and headlight & taillight cleaning etc. In fact not just cleaning and polishing, it involves using specialized chemicals and products to protect it from future harm and give it a new look.

Car body wash protects the car from various contaminants such as dust, dirt, mud and so on. To Protect car from these contaminants car exterior enrichment is an important step. you can receive a hi-end car wash that will make your car look brand new again.

Below are some of our major car exterior enrichment services.

  • Car Body Wash with using pressure wash system with Zebro Car Shampoo.
  • Car Body cleaning, wiping and drying with deep-pile microfiber towels.
  • Engine compartment Cleaning.
  • Boot Space Cleaning.
  • Windows Cleaning on the outside.
  • Rear View Mirrors Cleaning & Wiping.
  • Spoiler Cleaning & Wiping.
  • Logo and Grille Cleaning.
  • Car Body polishing with Zebro Polish.
  • Wheels cleaning and dressing with Zebro Wheel Cleaning and dressing products.
  • Headlights and Tail Lights Cleaning (Including Fog Lamps).
  • Door Handles, Petrol Cap and Number Plate Cleaning.
  • Exterior plastics and door trims cleaning and dressing.

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